Shame-Faced and Fancy Free

It is with some shame that I admit we have neglected this blog for some time now.

Anybody would think we had each gone out and gotten a life, thus leaving little time to sit in darkened rooms, tip-tapping out sarcastic film reviews on our keyboards and dreaming of a day when we will one day see a real-life naked woman…

(That’s the stereo-type, non?)

But I guess it’s kind of true.  For Lightle anyway.

My neglect stems from a terminal disease known as Bone Bastard Idol-ness or, Procrastinatia.

I simply haven’t been bothered.

And it hasn’t just been this little embryonic blog that has suffered.  All creative projects have slipped between the cracks of inertia, and I’ve barely lifted a finger towards anything besides the remote control or a pint of beer.

No more.

I’ve been attending a writing course for the past three weeks and as a fully paid-up member of the Community College, I feel I am now more qualified to do this shit.

I’m back, fact fans, and ringing a bell.

I’m sure Lightle will join me, just as soon as she stops having so much fun out there in the real world.

Real post to follow shortly.

Honest, G’uv.


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