Bangkok Haunting

So.  Something incredible happened this week.

Lightle sent me possibly the most heart-warming email of our times.

It simply said “All our prayers have been answered”.

Yes folks, Bangkok Dangerous was still showing at Hollywood on Broadway and we hadn’t missed it at all.

All for the change purse-friendly price of five bucks!

(I know.)

Well.  Words can’t describe how much I was looking forward to ripping this thing apart.  Nic Cage in extensions, packing two handguns at the same time, taking out ‘very bad men’ whilst taking in the sights of a glamourised Bangkok.

What’s not to tear apart?

But a funny thing happened on the way to movie trash Heaven.  I started to get involved… in a film lover’s sense.

A comment was made about the cinematography.  One of us (Lightle) said ‘awwwww’ out loud when the surprisingly believeable romantic side-story kicked off.

It was bloody good.

Nic Cage, I wish I knew how to quit you…

Admittedly, you could argue that it is still trash.  (PLOT SPOILER!) A man does lose a limb via a rather inventive method, and the subsequent blood sprayage (if not, should so be a word) is comical in the extreme. 

Cage does leap off a moving motorbike onto a longboat beforehand – and his hair doesn’t move (at all) during high-suspense, high-action chases.

But that’s all by-the-by. 

This wasn’t half bad.


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