Martin’s Infinite Movie List

What a year of cinematic delicacies!

What a patchwork quilt of variety – from the several, actually-quite-good-for-a-change Superhero movies, through to the low budget, underdog-done-good love stories – and everything in between.

It’s been a rollercoaster and there are still a few fine specimans to go before 2008 officially peaces out.  But still, every man and his tiny dog seems to be doing it, so…

If you want my humble opinion on the best flicks of the past year, read ‘em and weep:

  1. In Bruges – One of the darkest, funniest films of recent times.  Who knew Farell had comic timing?
  2. Happy-go-lucky – Perhaps the gentlest in this list, but with a good philosophy and an ever better lead actress.  Defy you not to leave smiling and back in love with humanity.
  3. RocknRolla – He’s dropped a few clangers in his time, but I’m standing true – nobody does such likeable rogues as Ritchie.  Handsome Fucking Bob, anyone?
  4. Quarantine – Surprisingly bloody good and surprisingly bloody scary.  My film buddy and I sat shaking in Starbucks for an hour afterward and even trusty old peppermint tea couldn’t shake the fear.
  5. Synecdoche, New York – The fact that I don’t have a fucking clue what was going on or what the final point was will not stop me including this in my favourites of the year.  Enjoyable, cryptic and just plain baffling – Philip Seymour Hoffman, I love you!
  6. Milk – Good-looking, touching, horrible movie about the life and times of Harvey Milk, who I knew next to nothing about.  Truly a beautifully shot tribute – loved it.
  7. Young People Fucking – Or Y.P.F in the UK, because ‘fuck’ is a bad bad word and we should never ever fucking use it.  Okay, not the best movie ever made, not the deepest but very enjoyable and fun – and Aaron Abrams is hot as fuck )
  8. Son of Rambow – Heart-warming tale of friendship and hope, all done up in a lovely imaginative package.  Love the animation and the laugh-out-loud funny scenes in which the boys rope in all manner of unsuspecting cast members to reenact scenes from Rambo.
  9. Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist – But, of course – it’s sweet and pretty and nice.
  10. American Teen – A documentary following the lives of seven Indiana high school seniors as they bumble through life and their various social cliques.  Shouldn’t be so damn enjoyable but it is, especially the underdog, Hannah Bailey who just makes you cheer at the end.

And so folks, there it is.  My list.

I must though do a little shout out to my true favourite movie of the year, though technically a 2007 movie, Eagle Vs. Shark – how I love this goofy little love story.

If you haven’t already, please see it – it’s ace.

And that, kids, concludes that!

Good day to you.

(I said good day).


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