We’re back!

Well, well, well.

Good day to you.  And a very Happy New Year, too.

Happy belated Valentine’s day and a soon-to-be very Merry Easter.

It’s been a while. 

Kicking my feet, I won’t lie to you, has been kind of cool.

Not writing a word for this joint venture has felt good in the sense that we’ve been out there, forming real-life relationships, fucking them up, building them back up again – essentially just being alive.

Ahhhhh, can you smell that?  That’s life, that is.

So what have I learned in the short time I’ve been wandering aimlessly away from my blogging responsibilities?

I’ve learned that Canadian fish sticks are not English fish-fingers and should be blacklisted for even pretending to be so.

I’ve learned that I’m possibly the least rock ‘n’ roll person in the world, sitting there in my slippers with the Housemates, turning down free coke in favour of a nice strong cup of tea – and actually being glad about it.

I fell in love too, with a boy. 

And future postings from this girl will be sent from a quaint little island called England where they don’t blog on a computer, rather we scrawl our thoughts onto parchment with a dandy quill and send an enthusiastic hoarde of squirrels out into the forrests to tack up our posts to the nearest trees.

I’ve probably seen about 325, 569, 457 new movies, some of which were about talking dogs.  Read about 68 graphic novels and learnt finally that I can download anything at all from the internet if I look in the right place.


In short, I’ve been, like, totally busy and stuff.

But I’m back now, bitches!


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