Heroes: It’s Arrested Development on Crack

As many of you are aware, I have been mainlining the revolutionary television show Hereos ever since seeing Star Trek and deciding Zachary Quinto and I are soulmates. At first, it seemed very new and exciting, but soon I realized that it is in fact, a carbon copy of another beloved television show. At least, the characters are remarkably similar.

Claire Bennet/Maeby Funke

She’s tough, got a thick skin, and will lie to anyone who’ll listen to her. She leads a double life, and easily switches identities to conceal her actions and motives. She dates people her parents disapprove of (or would if they knew) and there’s some speculation over who her parents actually are.

Niki-Jessica Sanders/Lindsay Bluth-Funke

She’s part loving mom, part drunk, part crazed psycho. Her kid isn’t doing great in school despite obvious intelligence (which didn’t come from her side of the family) and her husband is unemployable, resulting in marital trouble.

Gabriel “Sylar” Gray/George Oscar “Gob” Bluth

They’re actually wearing the same outfit!!
The only difference between these two is that Sylar CAN do magic (sort of), and he would never intentionally harm an animal, or give it a taste of mammal blood. Or date a high school student.

Nathan Petrelli/Michael Bluth

Ever seen either of these two NOT in a suit? I rest my case.
In Arrested Development , his wife died of cancer, and they talked about her often. In Heroes , his wife was confined to a wheelchair, and eventually forgotten about. In both shows, he’s a puppet, perfectly willing to go along with whatever his parents tell him, despite often challenging them and declaring independence, which almost never lasts. Furthermore, he’s constantly coming to the rescue of his sibling(s) as they seem unfit to care for themselves.
For example…
Hiro Nakamura/Buster Bluth
At first, you can’t help but wonder if he’s mildly retarded. Although he’s barely matured beyond the age of 10, he’ll surprise you when he appears wise beyond his years. Mostly he wants love and respect from his father, who has never invested much in his interests and activities.

Peter Petrelli/George Michael Bluth

The ultimate empath, he is regularly ignored by his father and genuinely wants to help everyone, regardless of whether or not they deserve it. He’s cute, he means well, but he’s kind of dumb.

Noah Bennet/Tobias Funketobias_funke

The outsider, always the one looking in. Not a great parent, however his daughter often helps him when she can, I think because she pities him. He’s slightly dorky (the glasses) and has poor decision making skills.

Angela Petrelli/Lucille Bluth
Angela should experiment more with color.
The matriarch, the head of everything, a manipulative powerful woman who will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She loves her children and grandchildren, but has problems showing it other than meddling in their lives and using them as puppets.

Arthur Petrelli/George Bluth Sr.

More suits. What is it with this family?
Manipulative in the same manner as his wife, he cares less for his family than his own goals, and uses them whenever possible. Also, some debate over whether or not he is in fact, alive. At least for a few episodes.

Micah Sanders/Annyong

Sort of annoying little whiz kid, appears out of nowhere and disappears just as fast. Then comes back in a very contrived plot sequence. Rebel? Annyong?? Tell me there’s a difference there.

Flint Gordon/Steve Holt!

Big, dumb, great name. And more connected to the main family than even he realizes.

Bob Bishop/Barry Zuckercorn

If only everything Barry touched turned to gold…
Should not be in the position of power he has, as he is a bumbling idiot. Also, evil.

3 thoughts on “Heroes: It’s Arrested Development on Crack

  1. Movie Guy

    i have to admit as a fan of both shows when I saw you was going to try and make the comparison that i didnt see a way for it to be done. but you pulled it off quite nicely… those last 3… Micah Sanders/Annyong Flint Gordon/Steve Holt Bob Bishop/Barry Zuckercorn was going deep down that rabbit hole… lol

    just out of curiosity… when did it hit you? when did you see characteristics in what Hero that it all became clear?

    1. martin

      First, sorry for the late reply, been away from the blog for far too long. Second, thanks for commenting. It’s nice to know I’m being read, and in return, I promise to check out your blog.

      Third, an answer in response to questions. It hit me when watching Angela Petrelli, especially how she is with her sons. I have loved Arrested Development since its inception, and as such, those characters resonate with me every day of my life, so about mid-way though my week-long Heroes marathon, it struck me how much Angela and Lucille had in common, and as I went though the series a second time (just to see how it lessened in quality from one season to the next, sadly) I began to see correlations between the rest of the characters and AD characters. Finding some of those pictures were absolute godsends.

      I’ll admit, the last three were more for fun than to be taken seriously. I really wanted to include Steve Holt! and Barry Zuckercorn somehow. I’m still a little sad that I couldn’t work Bob Loblaw in somewhere.

  2. lightle Post author

    Darn, logged in as Martin to approve your comment and forgot to log in as myself to reply. Whatever, we’re sort of the same anyway.


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