About Martin

Martin is the slightly better looking one out of Lightle & Martin (despite rumours to the contrary).

She is also the more English of the two, having been raised there from an early age.

Sometimes Martin is so moved by the beauty of the world at large that she weeps for it.  Other times she barely glances at that annoying carrier bag blowing in the autumn breeze.

Things she likes:

Perving on the wide variety of dog breeds on display in parks.  Mushrooms (cooked, not raw).  Sly Stallone.

Things she dislikes:

Mariah Carey.  Biting into apples willy-nilly.  People who tell me Karma is going to get me in an unjustified attack.

Things she is indifferent to:

Having to work for a living.  Cheese.  Gossip magazines.

Actually, that latter point is a downright lie.  She absolutely loves the gossip rags.

Her best friend was recently in one (long story).

Martin has a tendency to refer to herself in the third person and then not know when to stop. She doesn’t like repeating herself and once she was in a school stage production of ‘Joseph & his Technicolour Dreamcoat’, though she was only allowed to play the triangle and just missed out on a singing part.

She writes mainly short stories, lists and essays that nobody has ever read.

She thanks you for participating in the reading of this blog.

If you should ever find yourself at a loose end, you can follow my wafflings here.

If not, fair play to you.


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