Lightle & Martin

Lightle and Martin are two chicks living in Vancouver who like movies. 

They also like other stuff.


2 thoughts on “Lightle & Martin

  1. Katie

    I stumbled on your website when I googled Edward Norton. I love him and have two points to make here: 1) why is The Painted Veil not on your top five or even honorable mention list? It’s so good, so romantic, so perfectly Edward Norton; 2) do you really have to use the F word in your blog? It’s so obvious and I think probably beneath you.
    That said, your writing is really funny and I would come again, but I just have this thing about the F word. It really bugs me. But, to each his or her own. Thanks and have a great day!!

  2. martin Post author

    Yes, we do have to use the F word.

    You may be correct, however, in your theory that it is beneath us.


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